Designing for people is the key concept behind all aspects of the project. The primary objective is to meet human needs with sensible and effective solutions, resulting in a sustainable and comfortable environment, in which people can live and work pleasantly.
Sustainability is not an abstract concept, but an easily perceivable value. Reducing energy consumption and environmental impact calls for the optimization of available resources. This can only be achieved by rationalising and simplifying the proposed design solutions, especially when dealing with office space, in which flexibility and the ability to personalise and reconfigure easily are essential for the project’s success. Space, considering its cost in materials and energy consumption, is not infinite, and should be regarded as a valuable asset.
Starting from the initial stages of project development, the team adopts an integrated approach, keeping a multiprofessional viewpoint on all the project’s aspects and relying on external specialized consultants whenever necessary. The result is a balanced contribution of each discipline to the project, providing the Client with the best design options possible. We can thus monitor and manage with outstanding results all project variables, such as expected quality, deadlines, and cost efficiency.