AllianzBank Agency

Milan (with Progetto CMR) 2005

Interior design for the First AllianzBank Agency in Milan (350sqm)



This office, located within Palazzo Mellerio in Milan (restored in 1993 by Studio Caccia Dominioni), is one of the most important and strategic Allianz subsidiaries for Allianz in Italy. The client requested that we re-interpret the interior spaces of Palazzo Mellerio -hampered by the intrinsic limitations and overall layout rigidity of a historical building- using an innovative and visionary design approach, more coherent with the image and services offered by the Bank. 

Our design surpassed all limitations imposed by the building’s architecture, respecting the context, without being overwhelmed by the influence of imposing iconic power. The result was a unique and “daring” arrangement, capable of responding efficiently to all operational needs of a modern bank, both in terms of function and image. 




Concept and Interior Design

Paolo Mantero

Engineering and Project Management

Progetto CMR



New Office Milano 2006

Area 400 mq