Autogrill Headquarters

Milan (with Jacobs Engineering) 2000/2001


National competition for space planning, architectural and interior design for the new Headquartres Autogrill in Assago - Milan (12.000sqm/500staff) Winner project


To rethink the architecture and main entrance of the building, while focusing on the design of the interior office space -which had to effectively express the brand identity and its prestige- was the project brief presented by Autogrill for the design competiton of its new office building.

Our entry, selected as the winning project, has met such requests with a simple and effective proposal, in terms of image, functionality and efficiency.

The main stairwells, redesigned with an aluminium cladding, and the great triple-height hall, punching through the old curtain wall facade, are the main architectural elements the project revolves around. 

The interior space layout, incorporating light wood and glass elements that are coherent with the building’s overall appearence, reflects the design choices made for all areas of the building, both operational and executive, resulting in an excellent and consistent space quality along with a solid brand image resonating throughout the building.




Architecture, Space Planning and Interior Design

Paolo Mantero

Engineering and Construction Management

Jacobs Engineering



New Headquarters Milan 2001

Area 12,000 Square meters

Workstations 500