Edizione srl
Treviso (completion end 2016)

Architectural and interior design for the new Edizione srl Headquarters, Gruppo Benetton (5.000mq)

The renovation project of the former Treviso Court Building, soon to become the new Benettong Group Holding Headquartars, is the result of the collaboration between Studio Mantero and Arch. Tobia Scarpa, working closely together on the architectural, interior and space planning project. The buildning, dating back to the early XIX Century, is located in Piazza Duomo, at the heart of Treviso, and is part of a larger complex, comprising a former prison building and two smaller buidlings. Three stories in height, with an additional undeground floor, housing a parking lot and a gym, the building accomodates 100 employees and managers, along with office spaces dedicated to the members of the Benetton Family. Office spaces are intertwined with support areas such as coffee break areas, a kitchenette for employees and a dining room dedicated do management and to the Benetton Family. The interior design project, both in regards to the layout and to furniture design, material and finish is the result of the collaboration between Tobia Scarpa -focusing on attention to detail, knowledge and expertise in materials and finishes- and Studio Mantero -bringing to the project a vast expertise of office interior design-. The peculiar context in which Studio Mantero was called to operate -namely due to the historical nature of the building and the need to preserve its integrity- led to a simple, clean and elegant interior design project, capable of fully satisfying the needs of both the employees and the Benetton Family. The finished project, currently featuring one of the highest construction quality standard for an office building, relied on the collaboration of several consultants for both lighting, acoustic and multimedia design. 



Interior Design Project

Paolo Mantero e Tobia Scarpa  

Space Planning

Paolo Mantero 

Authorization Process

Gianfranco Trabucco 




- Biobyte (acustica e audio/video) 
- Voltaire Design (illuminotecnica)


Benetton Group - Edizione Srl (completion by end 2016)
Office surface - mq 5000 
Workstations - 100