New Diesel Headquarters

Breganze VI (with Jacobs Engineering)  2007/2010


Space planning and interior design for the New Diesel Headquarters in Breganze VI (35.000sqm/1000staff)


65,000 square metres of pure creativity, immersed in the Venetian countryside: office spaces, restaurants, bar, gym, childcare centre and an auditorium surrounded by continuous landscape, including an immense vegetation wall incorporated into the reception, providing employees with quality spaces for a healthy, productive and relaxing working experience throughout the day. Effective space planning criteria and interior design strategies allowed us to achieve full project sustainability, guaranteeing flexibility and the possibility to reconfigure spaces with harmonious, eco-friendly and visually appealing solutions. Lighting, air conditioning and building management automation, were developed together with the interior’s architectural design and office layout, offering a perfectly balanced quality of services and architectural space, a difficult task to manage in projects of this size. A first-time visitor entering the building will experience a space designed -despite its vastness- with human proportions in mind, a charming, cozy and welcoming place providing people with numerous private corners, acting as shelters against the building’s overwhelming size, coherently with Mr Rosso's vision.

The result, as the images suggest, is a sequence of spaces, organized by few, simple rules, allowing the “product” to reach its full expressive potential with a creative explosion of colour and extravagance which are, no doubt, quintessential aspects of the Diesel brand.




Interior Design

Paolo Mantero with Jacobs Engineering and Diesel Creative Team

Space Planning

Paolo Mantero with Jacobs Engineering


Arch. Pierpaolo Ricatti

Engineering and Construction Management

Jacobs Engineering


Biobyte (acoustics)

Voltaire Design (lighting design)

Land (landscape)



New Headquarters (VI) 2010

Built area 64.000 Square metres

Office area  35.500 Square metres

Workstations 1.000