New Jacobs Headquarters

Cologno MI  2008/2009


Space planning and interior design for the New Jacobs Headquarters in Milan (4.000sqm/250staff)


Simplicity was the main objective for this refurbishment  and redesign project. Simplicity calls for rationality, flexibility and space Identity. Jacobs, as a global Engineering leader, required functionality and sobriety for its headquarters. These values are coherent with the company’s philosophy, leavinglitte room for flamboyant or eccentric interior design solutions. The eternal dilemma of form vs. function finds its balance in designing spaces according to their specific functions, generating an office environment in which where seriality and repetition (essential features for cost optimisation and flexibility) are perceived as distinctive architectural and interior spacial features. The sequence of open spaces on one side, and closed space on the other, perfectly conveys the idea of project simplicity. Natural and artificial light are integrated within the space, offering quality and comfort, while common spaces (featuring an effective and balanced use of colour) blend in with the white and light-coloured wood surfaces found in working areas. This creates a modular balance and a harmonious sequence of spaces. The resulting effect is pleasing not only to the everyday user, but also to occasional visitors. Interior walls, appearing as overlapping translucent planes, amplify the perception of space, help internal communication levels and allow natural light to reach the lowest levels of the building. This determines a considerable reduction of energy need with regards to artificial lighting.




Space Planning and Interior Design

Paolo Mantero


Jacobs Engineering



New Headquarters, Milan 2010

Area 4.000 Square metres

Workstations 225